Uniform and economical lubrication thanks to patented nozzle system


The PROJECTILE 419F ensures uniform lubrication for all knitting components, incl. needles, cams and lifters. The patented nozzle construction separates the air-oil mixture into air and droplets of oil. This means that the oil only goes to the components requiring lubrication, so avoiding the formation of oil mist in the knitting workshop.
This unit impresses with its outstanding economy and range of integrated functionalities. The many features of the unit include a safety pressure valve, a float switch for switching off the machine when the minimum oil level is reached, an integrated pressure gauge to ensure optimum pressure in the PROJECTILE 419F, an easily accessible oil drain screw and a pressure-relief valve. An optional separate maintenance unit can also be connected

Main features

  • The patented atomizing and nozzle system enables a major reduction in compressed air consumption. This enables considerable savings in power and operating costs.
  • No more oil mist as a health hazard in production areas.
  • Uniform delivery of oil for up to 28 lubrication points and to 2 low-flow lubrication points.
  • Tank volume approx. 3.2 litres
  • Sturdy, user-friendly design
  • Simple handling (installation, electrical connection, filling, oil drainage)
  • Integrated unit monitoring (float switch, safety pressure valve, pressure-relief valve)
  • Integrated pressure regulator
  • Adaptation feature for separate maintenance unit

Technische DatenTechnical data

Power supply:

24 V 50/60 Hz

Tank volume:

3,2 Liter

Lubrication points:

8 - 28, max. Schlauchlänge 3,5 m

Low-flow connections:

2, max. Schlauchlänge 3,5 m

Air pressure:

min. 4 bar bis max. 6 bar vor dem Druckregler

Solenoid valve:

24 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 W

Float switch:

10 W, 200 mA, 42 V

Weight (without oil):

3,5 kg



Air preparation unit

Air preparation unit for PROJECTILE LF with preassure switch

AIR-Connection KIT