MTD - Positive drive for flat knitting machines


The MTD is a positive drive for flat knitting machines where the material is unspooled in radial (tangential) instead of axial (over-head) direction. This enables twist-free unspooling of the material to be processed.
The MTD is applied in the production of textile fabrics. It can be used for processing wire and monofilament as well as twist-free requirements for aramid, fiber glass, etc.
The design of the MTD is characterized by the motor and the dancer unit. The dancer unit regulates the drive of the bobbins depending on the amount of material taken off by the knitting machine. The technology is based on the dancer principle, i.e. the position of the dancer arm determines the speed of the motor. The dancer arm also functions as a recoil arm to take up the yarn during carriage return.

The modular structure consists of:
■ a height-adjustable frame
■ one or two MTD units
■ one or two dancer units
■ one power supply unit incl. connection box


  • Twist-free unspooling of yarn
  • Wire processing on flat knitting machines
  • Modular structure
  • Autonomous operation from machine
  • Portable from machine to machine
  • Height-adjustable frame
  • Simple tension adjustment
  • Plug & Play solution

Technische DatenTechnical data

Power supply module

36 VDC

max. current per MTD

4,5 A

max. power

160 W

Yarn consumption

max. 180m/min @ 0,6m/sec

Yarn reserve dancer

max. 45 cm