MSF 3 - Storage feeder


The MSF 3 Storage Feeder has a stationary winding body and a yarn winding transport system. It has been designed for the feeding of yarn at constant and variable feed rates to knitting and hosiery machines.
A yarn winding transport system within the stationary winding body ensures the continuous movement and separation of the yarn windings over the winding body, to provide a continuously wound perfect yarn store. The newly developed, patented magnetic tensioner ensures a constant yarn tension at the outlet, with step less tension adjustment. The unit is driven by a powerful brushless DC motor with microprocessor control. The new developed sensor system monitors and calculates the average yarn consumption rate and adjusts the motor speed accordingly.

Main features

  • Higher machine efficiency, fewer fabric faults
  • Yarn monitoring and control with contactless sensors on the spool body
  • 1 mm yarn separation prevents snagging from adjacent yarn windings during unwinding

MSF 3: The components


1. Winding body

Effective yarn separation makes it possible to process all types of yarn. The stationary winding body prevents extra yarn windings.

2. Sensors

The sensors control the yarn inlet (A), the feed rate (B) on the winding body and the yarn speed (C). The unit operates continuously without starting and stopping. The sensors are the contactless type to prevent voltage peaks.

3. Magnet tensioner

The magnetic yarn tensioner guarantees constant yarn tension. Constant, uniform tensioning force.

Technische DatenTechnical data

Power supply

48-57 V DC or 3x 42V AC


0.44 A (depending on application)

Max. power

85 VA (at 1100 m/min and 100 cN inlet tension)

Average power

25 VA (depending on application)

Yarn gauge range

17 dtex to 500 dtex

Max. yarn feed rate

1.100 m/min.


1.9 kg


MSF 3 with mechanical output stop motion


Input tensioner with eyelet

Input tensioner with tube holder

Input tensioner with eyelet and knotcatcher