MSF 3 - Storage feeder


Origin of the storage feeder MSF 3 ATC is the well-known MSF 3
CAN, which is combined with the high-dynamic yarn tension controlling
brake ATC (Active Tension Control). The control unit GTN
allows the central set up of all units. The yarn tension regulating
system ensures, that the output tension of all MSF 3 ATC remain
constant at the preset value, independent from external factors
like size of the bobbins or quality of the yarns.

Main features

    • High dynamic system, which eliminates the inaction of mechanical systems
    • Processing of sensible yarns with high productivity and controlled stable yarn tension
    • High fabric quality, yarn tension differences between the yarn bobbins are eliminated
    • Reduction of needle breakage
    • Reduction of production cost and increasing of machine efficiency
    • Saving of energy due to optimization of all components to
    • low energy consumption

    Technische DatenTechnical data

    Power supply

    48-57 V DC


    0.47 A (depending on application)

    Max. power

    85 VA

    Average power

    25 VA (depending on application)

    Yarn gauge range

    17 dtex to 500 dtex

    Max. yarn feed rate

    600 m/min.


    2,2 kg



    Input tensioner with eyelet

    Input tensioner with tube holder

    Input tensioner with eyelet and knotcatcher