MER 4 - Elastane roller


The MER 4 is a universal elastane roller designed for the positive feeding of plain elastane yarn to large-diameter circular knitting machines. This new version of the elastane roller has been developed to process plain elastane at even lower yarn tensions.

Main features

  • Available with sensor unit Standard (S), Roller (R) and Performance (P)
  • Completely newly developed sensor unit system Performance (P) which ensure working with lowest yarn tension also at highest machine speeds. This is characterised in particular by improved sliding and gliding properties of the yarn deflection bolt and the more compact design which is less susceptible to contamination.
  • Highly versatile. The unit has a single ratio only and is therefore suitable for all current machine types.
  • Compact dimensions, minimum space requirement.
  • High-visibility central warning light. The operator sees warnings sooner, this cuts yarn breakage downtime and increases knitting machine production rates.

Technische DatenTechnical data

Stop motion electric circuit with yarn break Rated voltage (machine stoppage)

12/24 V AC/DC

Rated current:

25 mA




This protects the elastane bobbins from lint, so reducing machine stoppages and knitting faults caused by contamination. Significantly increases machine productivity.

Contact cable

2-core contact cable for electrical connection of MER 4.