EFS 920

EFS 920 - Electronic yarn feeder


The EFS 920 is the first yarn feeder with an integrated yarn take-up system for elastic and non-elastic yarns. It will extend the range of applications for your machines and makes more complicated mechanical yarn take-up systems unnecessary. It keeps yarn tensions identical in both directions.

Main features

  • Higher machine speeds and much greater productivity
  • Yarn tension always identical due to millisecond adjustment
  • Full range of applications covered by large yarn take-up path of 700 mm
  • Flexible combination of individual machines into groups

EFS 920: The components


1. Twin magnet brake

The twin magnet brake has fine adjustment and is self-cleaning. It is designed to ensure a constant yarn input tension. The upper part has a closing eyelet to prevent the formation of loops as the yarn passes through.

2. Yarn clamp

The yarn clamp is actuated by an electromagnet and moves over the take-up arm position to hold the yarn in position during the take-up process.

3. Yarn wheel

The yarn wheel is light and very strong. This is the ideal combination for dealing with the dynamic stresses transmitted by the motor. Precision yarn take-up ensures optimum winding and prevents overwinding.

4. Take-up arm

The take-up arm is behind the yarn wheel and during take-up lays the yarn onto a separate store. The maximum take-up length is 700 mm.

5. Yarn sensor

The yarn sensor has a yarn lifter for automatic zero setting. The rapid response sensor ensures optimum adjustment and maintenance of the set yarn tension. Rapid signal processing and fast motor regulation ensures that there are no yarn tension peaks.

Technische DatenTechnical data

Power supply

57 V DC​

Max. current

3 A

Max. power

35 VA

Max. yarn feed rate

1500 m/min​

Yarn tension range

0,5 cN to 40 cN

Max. yarn take-up path

700 mm


0.7 kg