EFS 800

EFS 800 - Electronic yarn feeder


The EFS 800 is designed to feed elastic and non-elastic yarns with yarn tension control. The sensor measures the yarn tension and adjusts the feed speed according to preset values. Two modes are available: Constant yarn tension or Remote control yarn tension.

Main features

  • Constant yarn tension for uniform appearance to fabric
  • No plating faults with fast changes in yarn speed
  • Higher machine speed, fewer fault stoppages

EFS 800: The components


1. Twin magnet brake

The twin magnet brake has fine adjustment and is self-cleaning. It is designed to ensure a constant yarn input tension. The upper part has a closing eyelet to prevent the formation of loops as the yarn passes through.

2. Yarn wheel

The yarn wheel is light and very strong. This is the ideal combination for dealing with the dynamic stresses transmitted by the motor. Precision yarn take-up ensures optimum winding and prevents overwinding.

3. Operator keypad

Menu-guided operation and simple controls make this practical operator keypad very user-friendly.

4. Wind-On button

Pressing the Wind-On button automatically winds the yarn eight times round the yarn wheel.

5. Yarn sensor

The yarn sensor has a yarn lifter for automatic zero setting. The rapid response sensor ensures optimum adjustment and maintenance of the preset yarn tension level. Rapid signal processing and fast motor regulation ensures that there are no yarn tension peaks.

Technische DatenTechnical data

Power supply

48-57 V DC

Max. current

3 A

Max. power

35 VA

Max. yarn feed rate

1.500 m/min

Yarn tension range

0.5 cN - 40 cN


0.65 kg


EFS 804

with max. yarn tension of 160 cN

EFS 820

with max. yarn take-up of 200m