SFE 2 - Storage feeder


The SFE 2 storage feeder is used for feeding yarn to knitting machines with regular and irregular yarn consumption. 
The unit is operated with 3 x 42 VAC.

The tool-free input tensioner with modular structure allows aconsistent operating procedure in different mounting positions of the units.

The direction of rotation of the winding disc can be adjusted according to the yarn to be processed (S or Z twist). The yarn quantity is controlled by a newly developed optical-mechanical sensor system.

A circumferential LED light strip provides information about the respective operating status.

The output yarn tension is adjusted steplessly with the easy accessible rotary knob on the output of the unit.

Main features

  • Compact design
  • Modular swiveling input tensioner
  • Adjustable direction of rotation of the winding disc (processing of S- and Z-twisted yarn)
  • Monitoring of the yarn quantity by optical-mechanical sensor technology
  • Circumferential LED light strip providing information on the respective operating status
  • Stepless adjustable yarn output tension by means of the latest spiral brake technology

Technische DatenTechnical data

Power supply

3x 42 V AC


0.44 A

Average power

25 VA

Yarn tension

1,0 cN – 10 cN, depending on the processed yarn

Yarn gauge range

20 dtex to 500 dtex

Max. yarn feed rate

600 m/min.


1,2 kg